Strategy and simulation in answering TOEFL listening
TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. TOEFL is a test form that is intended to test the English language skills possessed by people who come from countries that do not use English as its official language . TOEFL is generally used as one of the prerequisites for study abroad , especially countries that use English as the language of instruction . TOEFL usually also be a requirement to continue the study of S- 2 and S – 3 in the country . Even recent S-1 students at top universities in Indonesia are also required to have a certain TOEFL score as a condition of graduation . Similarly TOEFL is starting to be used in the workplace as one of the mechanisms of recruitment or career advancement path .
TOEFL exam includes three forms , namely listening comprehension , structure and written expression and reading comprehension . Along with perkembanagn technology , currently developed three types of TOEFL , the Internet Based Test ( IBT ) , Computer Based Test ( CBT ) and Paper Based Test ( PBT ) . The only difference is the media delivery problems , or medium to deliver it .
The first part of the TOEFL test is a listening comprehension where participants will listen to a few short dialogue , the dialogue length , and the long speech followed by a question answer choices in the matter of the paper .
For most people listeing part is the most difficult in the toefl test . Because people speaking in a conversation or Didato are native speakers very much different than delivery by the Indonesian people that we often hear in schools or courses . They talk fast and sometimes participants do not understand what is recited .
Although it is difficult not to be given up because the actual TOEFL test in addition to requiring English language support capabilities are also associated with the strategy used when answering such questions .
Strategies in answering TOEFL
v There are 4 strategies in answering TOEFL , namely :
1 . Be familiar with the directions .Get used to carry out the instructions in the TOEFL test as a matter of general guidance in doing the same . In listening tests will be working on the listening user who is played through the tap recorder before the test begins .
2 . Listen carefully to the conversations and talks
You have to really concentrate to hear what the speaker on the tape because it was played only once .
3 . Easier and know where the more difficult questions are Generally found .
Keep in mind that in every matter of listening difficulty level increasing from about to about
4 . Never leave any answers blank on your answer sheet .
Never empty your answer sheet . In no penguranagn TOEFL test score although the answer is incorrect .
5 . Use any remaining time to look ahead at the answers to the questions that follow .
When you have answered no.1 for example . Hurry up to see the no -choice answers . 2 so that you quickly read the contents of the topics to be discussed . By looking at the answer choices before hearing the conversation at least you’ll get a question about the shape of the shadow will appear .
v Specific Strategy
PART A : Short Conversation
1 . Focus on the speaker to hear the second
2.Janganpanik if they do not understand the word -for-word in a conversation kompliy , just need meangkap ideas and content of the conversation
3.Bila could not understand what diucapakan second speaker , choose the best answer is different from what you hear
4.Pahamilah functional forms of expression (agreement , suggestion , suprice , etc. ) , idiomatic expressions and situations when the conversation is done
PART B : Longer Conversation
5.Ketika narrator discuss the direction par B should read the answer choices at a glance and then record it and predict what the theme will be discussed
6.Ketika listening to the conversation , you must know the theme / topic being discussed
7.Waspadalah on each question
8.Cermati conditions and situations that occur during a conversation regarding the place and time pembicaraaan , what and who discussed
9.Bila you have plenty of time , take a look at the answer choices listed in a booklet and find the key word
10.Waspada talks in sentences first because usually a topic for the next sentences
11.Fokus listen to things related to 5 – WH questions ( What , Why , Who , When , Where ) and How
12.Buatlah conclusions on the situation that occurs when the conversation is done .
Simulation questions about TOEFL
• _________ Was ringing continuously for hours .
( A ) . loudly
( B ) . In the morning
( C ) . The Phone
( D ) . The bells
discussion :
1 . Identified that there is a verb was thus required the subject to complete the statement .
2 . ( A ) is not the subject , ( B ) is not the subject , ( C ) the subject , ( D ) subject
3 . Now we just 2 choices of possible answers , now seen more appropriate .
4 . Because it was a singular verb , then the correct answer is ( C ) which is a single subject .
• Example Problem :
To Mike _______ was a big surprise .
( A ) . really
( B ) . the party
( C ) . funny
( D ) . when
discussion :
1 . It can be seen that before the words are said next to Mike , so Mike is not a subject .
2 . Identified that there is a verb was thus required the subject to complete the statement .
3 . ( A ) is not the subject , ( B ) the subject , ( C ) is not the subject , ( D ) conjunctive
4 . The correct answer is ( B )
• Example Problem :The movie _______ Appearing at the local theater is my favorite .( A ) . now( B ) . is( C ) . it( D ) . was
discussion :1 . It can be seen that the word is the subject of the movie .2 . Can also be seen that there is a word that is a verb .3 . ( A ) said appendages , ( B ) verb , ( C ) the subject , ( D ) the verb4 . The correct answer is ( A ) .

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