The Difference Between TOEFL and TOEIC

TOEIC is the acronym for Test of Home for International Communication. TOEIC test is an English proficiency test for people who native language is not English. TOEIC test scores indicate how well people can communicate in English with others in the global work environment. The test requires no specialized knowledge or vocabulary, these tests only measure the kind of English used in everyday activities.

TOEFL stands for Test of Home as a Foreign Language. This is a test of English as a foreign language. These tests test the ability of a person to the extent to which mastery of English that includes the ability: Listening Comprehension (Comprehension in listening), Structure and Written Exxpression (Structure and expression in writing relating to the Home Grammar or Grammar English (Reading Comprehension (Reading Comprehension), and Writing (Writing).
Therefore, the TOEIC test material more easily than the TOEFL test as that’s a multiple choice test for 2 (two) hours, divided in listening sessions and reading sessions.
Therefore, the TOEIC test is deemed appropriate for employees or staff who use English in their environment such as business, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, international meetings, conferences and sporting events. Similarly, staff management, sales and technical employees in international business, commerce and industry who need English in their work.
TOEIC score starting from the number 400 to 990. There are six levels ie level 0 / 0 + Novice (score 10-250), Level 1 Elementary (score 255-400), level 1 + Intermediate (score 405-600), level 2 Basic Working Proficiency (score 605-780), level 2 + Advance Working Profiency (score 785-900) and level 3 / 3 + General Professional Proficiency (score 905-990).
A prospective regular employees must have a minimum TOEIC score of 400. While a prospective manager should at least have a TOEIC score of 800.
Someone who has a TOEIC score 405-600, for example, in listening to be able to understand explanations related to routine daily tasks, understand the announcements during the trip and mengusai limited social conversations. In this talk could explain kerj responsibility adan academic background as well as a discussion about the project in the past and the future. While in the case of reading still need a dictionary to understand the technical documents. And lastly in terms of writing people who have intermediate level was able to write a short memo, letter of complaint and fill out a simple application form.
Many companies or organizations requesting the convening of the TOEIC to recruit, promote, or placing employees. TOEIC is also very useful for university graduates or job seekers who wish to complement their CV, also for anyone who wants to test the ability to communicate in English.
TOEIC and TOEFL are designed for different purposes. TOEFL is intended for students or students who wish to continue her studies in the United States and Canada. While the TOEIC is intended for those whose native language is not English and want to show the ability to communicate in English in the world of work and take part in globalization.
However, there are some things that need to be underlined. One is the standard used in the TOEFL assessment of each place is not the same. So, can not serve as the main criterion for equating the TOEFL between the A to the B. Therefore, it could be their equal ability, it’s just the level of assessment tests differ from each other.
Therefore, it now thrives in the discourse about the TOEIC that use alignment to international standards. If abroad, TOIEC already very popular. The proof, of the existing data, it turns out this test has been used about 10,000 companies in the world. Perhaps, it could be because in addition to international standard, also TOEIC which has existed since 1979. Thus, their levels were higher than the TOEFL test.
TOEFL (Test Of Home as a Foreign Language) has the objective to evaluate English language ability for those who pursue academic education (scholarship), while the TOEIC aims to evaluate English language skills for the global workplace (international). Toefl only useful for TOEIC in the company and useful at school or at The English program, especially in academic and also for a higher education institute.

Competencies tested on the TOEFL:
PBT (paper based TOEFL):
• Listening
• Reading
• Writing
IBT (Internet-based TOEFL):
• Listening

Competencies tested on the TOEIC:
• Listening
• Reading

My opinion about the difference between TOEIC and TOEFL tests?

TOEIC and TOEFL test was developed to serve different purposes. Therefore, the design, content, context and scope of proficiency that each measured by each test is also different. TOEFL test was created by the Educational Testing Service for foreign students who wish to enter colleges and universities in North America. The student who plans to take the title of stratum 1 or stratum 2 in North America will try to take the TOEFL test. Organizations that require English proficiency for employees and individuals who want to demonstrate their ability to use English at work would prefer to use the TOEIC test.


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Tugas 2 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Qoestion Scukture:
1. The North Pole___________ a latitude of 90 degrees north.
A. it has
B. is having
C. which is having
D. has
2. The city of Beverly Hills is surrounded on ________ the city of Los Angeles.
A. its sides
B. the sides are
C. it is the side of
D. all sides by
3. ________ greyhound, can achieve speeds up to thirty-six miles per hour.
A. The
B. The fastest
C. The fastest dog
D. The fastest dog, the
4. Marmots spend their time foraging among meadow plants and flowers or ________ on rocky cliffs.
A. gets sun
B. sunning
C. the sun
D. sunny
5. The greenhouse effect occurs ________ heat radiated from the Sun.
A. when does the Earth’s atmosphere trap
B. does the Earth’s atmosphere trap
C. when the Earth’s atmosphere traps
D. the Earth’s atmosphere traps
Qoestion Written Expresstion:
6. On the floor of the Pacific Ocean is hundreds of flat-topped mountains more than a mile
beneath sea level.

7. Because of the flourish with which John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence,
his name become synonymous with signature.

8. Segregation in public schools was declare unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1954.
9. Sirius, the Dog Star, is the most brightest star in the sky with an absolute magnitude about
twenty-three times that of the Sun.

10. Killer whales tend to wander in family clusters that hunt, play, and resting together.
A B C D Answer:
6. B – are –> masuk dalam kategori Inversion. Subjek kalimat adalah hundreds of flat-topped mountains.
7. C – became –> signed (past) paralel dengan became (past) bukan become (present)
8. B – was declared –> Passive Voice (Be + VIII)
9. A – the brightest star –> Ingat aturan Comparison degree -Supelative
10. C – rest –> Hunt, play, and rest together (Harus paralel)

Reading Comprehension
This section is the last section in the TOEFL test. The longest and most time consuming. In this section, test takers must work 50 items in 55 minutes. So that the average time it takes to do one question is one minute. It is certainly much longer if we compare it with the average time to work on one question SWE (Structure & Written Expressions) is less than 45 seconds.
In this section, there are five readings (passage), with a number of questions (between 7-13 questions) below. The questions asked of the information contained in the text, either explicit information (explicit) or implicit (implied). So, in fact this part marupakan easiest part because all the answers are found in the literature SURE. The important thing is where the answers we are looking for it. If we are people who read a hobby, then there is a tendency to get a better score. In fact, this section can be used as “mine value ‘to cover the shortfall in Section Listening and Structure.
To do this part well, then we must have the ability to read a good technique. Two of the techniques that must be mastered is skimming and scanning.
Skimming is a quick read a text to get the main idea, the main idea, or the contents of literature in general. At this skill we are not looking for specific information, only the basic idea of reading that we seek. So it does not need to read the entire passage.
Scanning is fast memaca FIND a text for specific information. Thus we have the questions in advance and look for answers in a manner to be scanned. On scanning, information that is not relevant to what we were looking for were ignored. So in a scanning, we must have the words that we want to find in the literature. In general, this scanning skills that we use in working on the problems Reading Comprehension.
In the Reading Comprehension section, participants tend to read the text first and then try to answer the question. It is highly not recommended. START SCAN QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS IN READING. So, read the text first becomes ineffective in the context of scanning strategies. If we read the text first and answer questions later, then we will go back again to the reading to answer this question INEFFECTIVE!
There are 4 types of questions in Section Reading Comprehension:
MAIN IDEA question: namely the question asked yan main idea, main idea, theme or title of the reading (reading TOEFL is not accompanied by the title!). The number of these questions there is only ONE and generally placed as the first question in a single text.
DETAILS question: namely the question asking specific information in the texts. Answers to questions of this type are found in the literature EXPRESS (EXPRESS). The amount of this question at most in each reading.
Implied question: is similar questions as the question detail, by way of answering that is also equal to answer detailed questions. However, the answer to the question of this kind is found in the reading IMPLIED (IMPLIED). The number of questions is not as much a question Details.
Vocabulary question: is the question that asks synonyms or search for the meaning equivalent word closest to the word in question. Answering this question must be guessed BASED context of the sentence. Avoid guess just by relying on our knowledge without checking it in a sentence reading. Always read the sentence in which a word asked intact, then guess based on the context of the sentence. There is no other way to answer these types of questions except by guessing based on context.
Pertnyaannya then is: what if the first question is the Main Idea reading? Question asking the content of reading, or reading the basic idea. The answer is: drive through ANSWERING QUESTIONS MAIN IDEA, BUT DO NOT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS THAN PAST THE MAIN IDEA.
This is because LAY THAN ANSWERS FROM THE MAIN IDEA SORTED DOWN IN READING. For example, question No. 1 is the Main Idea, but question No. Detail 2 is a question, then the answer to question No. 2 found in reading the first lines. If question No. 3, for example, is Implied, then the answer to this question is located under the previous question. Continue as such until the last question. If we go back again to question 1 on Main Idea, so now we can definitely answer it, because we’ve been reading passages from the top to finish. But at the same time we also finished answering questions in addition to the main idea because the answer lies in the text sequences. Well, if you start working on the third section of this by reading the text, now start working on this section of questions and then scan was the answer in the text. Now we can estimate the location of the answer because it is sorted in the text. Easy, right?
Here is a detailed strategy to answer any kind of questions on Reading Comprehension Section:
Editors sentence questions Main Idea of which is: What is the topic of the passage? / What is the subject of the passage? / What is the main idea of the passage? / What is the author’s main point in the passage? / With what topic is the primary author concerned? / Which of the following would be the best title of the passage?
If you want to answer this question without a pass, read the first sentence in each paragraph.
Think of a theme readings that can be inferred from the first sentences in each paragraph.
Eliminate answer choices: too general, too specific, or not related at all to the topic of reading.
The answer to the question the main idea should be fit to explain the content of the readings, should not exceed (its scope is too general / broad) or less (scope is too narrow).

Note: the question of ‘main idea’ is not to be immediately answered. Leave it blank in the answer sheet to be filled later after completing the questions afterwards. However, be careful when marking answers on the answer sheet. Not to discolor the option to answer that we pass. In practice, we are more likely to be passed to answer this type of question than answer directly. Read and find the ultimate mind (main idea) in each paragraph and conclude then selecting the same answer with our conclusions will be much longer than we do the questions that can be answered directly by means of scanning.

The locations of stars in the sky relative to one another do not appear to the naked eye to change, and as a result stars are often considered to be fixed in position. Many unaware stargazers falsely assume that each star has its own permanent home in the nighttime sky.
In reality, though, stars are always moving, but because of the tremendous distances between stars themselves and from stars to Earth, the changes are barely perceptible here. An example of a rather fast-moving star demonstrates why this misconception prevails; it takes approximately 200 years for a relatively rapid star like Bernard’s star to move a distance in the skies equal to the diameter of the earth’s moon. When the apparently negligible movement of the stars is contrasted with the movement of the planets, the stars are seemingly unmoving.

1. Which of the following is the best title for this passage?
a. What the eye can see in the sky
b. Bernard’s star
c. Planetary Movement
d. The Evermoving stars

2. The expression “naked eye” in line 1 most probably refers to
a. a telescope
b. a scientific method for observing stars
c. unassisted vision
d. a camerawith a powerful lens

3. According to the passage, the distances between the stars and Earth are
a. barely perceptible
b. huge
c. fixed
d. moderate

4. The word “perceptible” in line 5 is closest in meaning to which of the following?
a. noticeable
b. persuasive
c. conceivable
d. astonishing

5. In line 6, a “misconception” is closest in meaning to a (n)
a. idea
b. proven fact
c. erroneous belief
d. theory



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Strategy and simulation in answering TOEFL listening
TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. TOEFL is a test form that is intended to test the English language skills possessed by people who come from countries that do not use English as its official language . TOEFL is generally used as one of the prerequisites for study abroad , especially countries that use English as the language of instruction . TOEFL usually also be a requirement to continue the study of S- 2 and S – 3 in the country . Even recent S-1 students at top universities in Indonesia are also required to have a certain TOEFL score as a condition of graduation . Similarly TOEFL is starting to be used in the workplace as one of the mechanisms of recruitment or career advancement path .
TOEFL exam includes three forms , namely listening comprehension , structure and written expression and reading comprehension . Along with perkembanagn technology , currently developed three types of TOEFL , the Internet Based Test ( IBT ) , Computer Based Test ( CBT ) and Paper Based Test ( PBT ) . The only difference is the media delivery problems , or medium to deliver it .
The first part of the TOEFL test is a listening comprehension where participants will listen to a few short dialogue , the dialogue length , and the long speech followed by a question answer choices in the matter of the paper .
For most people listeing part is the most difficult in the toefl test . Because people speaking in a conversation or Didato are native speakers very much different than delivery by the Indonesian people that we often hear in schools or courses . They talk fast and sometimes participants do not understand what is recited .
Although it is difficult not to be given up because the actual TOEFL test in addition to requiring English language support capabilities are also associated with the strategy used when answering such questions .
Strategies in answering TOEFL
v There are 4 strategies in answering TOEFL , namely :
1 . Be familiar with the directions .Get used to carry out the instructions in the TOEFL test as a matter of general guidance in doing the same . In listening tests will be working on the listening user who is played through the tap recorder before the test begins .
2 . Listen carefully to the conversations and talks
You have to really concentrate to hear what the speaker on the tape because it was played only once .
3 . Easier and know where the more difficult questions are Generally found .
Keep in mind that in every matter of listening difficulty level increasing from about to about
4 . Never leave any answers blank on your answer sheet .
Never empty your answer sheet . In no penguranagn TOEFL test score although the answer is incorrect .
5 . Use any remaining time to look ahead at the answers to the questions that follow .
When you have answered no.1 for example . Hurry up to see the no -choice answers . 2 so that you quickly read the contents of the topics to be discussed . By looking at the answer choices before hearing the conversation at least you’ll get a question about the shape of the shadow will appear .
v Specific Strategy
PART A : Short Conversation
1 . Focus on the speaker to hear the second
2.Janganpanik if they do not understand the word -for-word in a conversation kompliy , just need meangkap ideas and content of the conversation
3.Bila could not understand what diucapakan second speaker , choose the best answer is different from what you hear
4.Pahamilah functional forms of expression (agreement , suggestion , suprice , etc. ) , idiomatic expressions and situations when the conversation is done
PART B : Longer Conversation
5.Ketika narrator discuss the direction par B should read the answer choices at a glance and then record it and predict what the theme will be discussed
6.Ketika listening to the conversation , you must know the theme / topic being discussed
7.Waspadalah on each question
8.Cermati conditions and situations that occur during a conversation regarding the place and time pembicaraaan , what and who discussed
9.Bila you have plenty of time , take a look at the answer choices listed in a booklet and find the key word
10.Waspada talks in sentences first because usually a topic for the next sentences
11.Fokus listen to things related to 5 – WH questions ( What , Why , Who , When , Where ) and How
12.Buatlah conclusions on the situation that occurs when the conversation is done .
Simulation questions about TOEFL
• _________ Was ringing continuously for hours .
( A ) . loudly
( B ) . In the morning
( C ) . The Phone
( D ) . The bells
discussion :
1 . Identified that there is a verb was thus required the subject to complete the statement .
2 . ( A ) is not the subject , ( B ) is not the subject , ( C ) the subject , ( D ) subject
3 . Now we just 2 choices of possible answers , now seen more appropriate .
4 . Because it was a singular verb , then the correct answer is ( C ) which is a single subject .
• Example Problem :
To Mike _______ was a big surprise .
( A ) . really
( B ) . the party
( C ) . funny
( D ) . when
discussion :
1 . It can be seen that before the words are said next to Mike , so Mike is not a subject .
2 . Identified that there is a verb was thus required the subject to complete the statement .
3 . ( A ) is not the subject , ( B ) the subject , ( C ) is not the subject , ( D ) conjunctive
4 . The correct answer is ( B )
• Example Problem :The movie _______ Appearing at the local theater is my favorite .( A ) . now( B ) . is( C ) . it( D ) . was
discussion :1 . It can be seen that the word is the subject of the movie .2 . Can also be seen that there is a word that is a verb .3 . ( A ) said appendages , ( B ) verb , ( C ) the subject , ( D ) the verb4 . The correct answer is ( A ) .

Referensi :

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Hutan lindung adalah hutan yang keberadaannya dilindungi oleh pemerintah.

S                    P                   O                                       K

Fungsi hutan lindung adalah   mengurangi pemanasan global.

S                           P                               O

Hutan lindung adalah paru-paru bumi.

S                P                 O

Fungsi hutan lindung adalah menjaga kesuburan tanah.

S                        P                            O

Hutan lindung banyak terdapat di Indonesia.

S                               P                         K

Fungsi hutan lindung adalah mencegah banjir.

S                                 P                      O

Penduduk Indonesia harus menjaga kelestarian hutan lindung.

S                                      P                            O

Tangkoko merupakan salah satu hutan lindung di Indonesia.

S               P                                 O                       K

Hutan lindung Tangkoko terletak di pulau Sulawesi.

S                                P                        K

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Ibu saya bernama Arsinten.

S             P           O

Beliau berusia 49 tahun.

S            P        O

Ibu saya gemar memasak ikan.

S             P                        O

Ibu saya bertempat tinggal di Brebes.

S                P                 K

Beliau adalah seorang muslim.

S                  P                 O

Ibu saya bekerja sebagai wirausaha.

S              P                   K

Saat ini ibu saya memiliki usaha telur asin.

KW      S                  P                     O

Ibu saya mencintai keluarganya.

S               P              O

Ibu saya adalah anak ketiga dari empat saudara.

S               P              O                    K.PL

Ibu saya dikaruniai dua orang anak.

S              P                O

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Saya bertempat tinggal di kota Depok.

S            P                            O

Saya bertempat tinggal di Depok sejak tahun 2012.

S             P                        O                 K.waktu

Saya bertempat tinggal seorang diri di Depok.

S             P                         O           K.tempat

Rumah kosan saya terdiri dari dua lantai.

S                           P             O

Rumah kosan saya berdekatan dengan masjid.

S                                 P                  O

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Saya  bernama  Riyanto.

S          P            O

Saya dilahirkan di Brebes.

S         P               O

Saya beragama Islam.

S           P           O

Saya menuntut  ilmu di Gunadarma.

S             P         O           K

Saya gemar bermain bola voli.

S                 P                 O

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Akuntansi sangat penting bagi semua bisnis organisasi. Akuntansi melibatkan memelihara, mencatat audit dan menyiapkan laporan keuangan untuk rumah bisnis. Seperti kebanyakan negara lain, Indonesia perekonomiannya didominasi oleh perusahaan menengah dan kecil yang masih belum terlalu menyadari sepenuhnya kegunaan akuntansi. Secara garis besar, sebuah toko dapat menentukan keadaan keuangannya. Jika menguntungkan, stok barang akan bertambah banyak dan sebaliknya. Tetapi jika ada yang bertanya berapa keuntungan sebenarnya, mereka tidak dapat mengetahuinya.

Informasi  akuntansi  merupakan  alat  yang  digunakan  oleh  pengguna informasi  untuk  pengambilan  keputusan  (Nicholls  dan  Holmes,  1988  :  57),
terutama  oleh  pelaku  bisnis.  Dimana    informasi  akuntansi  diharapkan  dapat didefinisikan  sebagai  sistem  informasi  yang  bisa  mengukur  dan mengkomunikasikan informasi keuangan tentang kegiatan ekonomi. Informasi  akuntansi  sangat  diperlukan  oleh  pihak  manajemen  perusahaan dalam merumuskan berbagai keputusan dalam memecahkan segala permasalahan yang dihadapi perusahaan. Informasi akuntansi yang dihasilkan dari suatu laporan keuangan berguna dalam rangka menyusun berbagai proyeksi, misalnya proyeksi kebutuhan  uang  kas  di  masa  yang  akan  datang.  Dengan  menyusun  proyeksi tersebut  secara  tidak  langsung  akan  mengurangi  ketidakpastian,  antara  lain mengenai kebutuhan akan kas (Sutapa, Rusdi, dan Kiryanto, 2001 : 200).

Informasi akuntansi mempunyai peranan penting untuk mencapai keberhasilan usaha, termasuk bagi usaha kecil (Magginson et al., 2000). Informasi akuntansi dapat menjadi dasar yang andal bagi pengambilan keputusan ekonomis dalam pengelolaan usaha kecil, antara lain keputusan pengembangan pasar, penetapan harga dan lain-lain. Penyediaan informasi akuntansi bagi usaha kecil juga diperlukan khususnya untuk akses subsidi pemerintah dan akses tambahan modal bagi usaha kecil dari kreditur (Bank). Kewajiban penyelenggaraan akuntansi bagi usaha kecil sebenarnya telah tersirat dalam Undang-Undang Usaha Kecil No. 9 tahun 1995 dalam Undang-undang perpajakan. Pemerintah maupun komunitas akuntansi telah menegaskan pentingnya pencatatan dan penyelenggaraan akuntansi bagi usaha kecil.


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Indonesia telah memiliki sendiri standar akuntansi yang berlaku di Indonesia. Prinsip atau standar akuntansi yang secara umum dipakai di Indonesia tersebut lebih dikenal dengan nama Pernyataan Standar Akuntansi Keuangan (PSAK). PSAK disusun dan dikeluarkan oleh Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia. Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia adalah organisasi profesi akuntan yang ada di Indonesia.

IAI yang didirikan pada tahun 1957 selain mewadahi para akuntan juga memiliki peran yang lebih besar dalam dunia akuntansi di Indonesia. Peran tersebut seperti yang telah disebutkan sebelumnya adalah peran adalam rangka penyusunan standar akuntansi. Standar akuntansi yang di Indonesia dikenal dengan nama PSAK (Pernyataan Standar Akuntansi Keuangan) tersebut merupakan seperangkat standar yang mengatur tentang pelaksanaan akuntansi di dunia bisnis di Indonesia.

Pernyataan Standar Akuntansi Keuangan yang dikeluarkan oleh Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia tersebut mengatur perlakuan akuntansi secara menyeluruh untuk berbagai aktivitas bisnis perusahaan di Indonesia. Standar-standar tersebut selain ditujukan untuk mengatur perlakuan akuntansi dari awal sampai ke tujuan akhirnya yaitu untuk pelaporan terhadap pengguna, standar-standar tersebut juga meliputi pedoman perlakuan akuntansi mulai dari perolehan, penggunaan, sampai dengan saat penghapusan untuk setiap elemen-elemen akuntansi. Standar-standar tersebut juga mengatur tentang pengakuan, pengukuran, penyajian dan pelaporan atas keuangan perusahaan.


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Perkembangan minat belajar mahasiswa pada saat ini menurun. Penyebab penurunan minat belajar mahasiswa disebabkan motivasinya rendah. Sehingga mereka jauh dari buku karena perkembangan social media. Mereka lebih cenderung berminat pada perkembangan social media seperti Twitter, Facebook, Path dan Chatting.  Jika minat membaca mereka menurun, maka prestasi mereka  juga akan menurun.

Solusi untuk mengatasinya adalah dari sarana dan prasarana di kampus. Seperti sarana perpustakaan lengkap dengan fasilitas modern. Ini akan mampu meningkatkan minat mahasiswa untuk membaca buku. Setidaknya, kampus menyediakan fasilitas lengkap dengan kondusif untuk mendukung proses belajar dan mengajar. Agar proses belajar mengajar terasa lebih tenang dan nyaman. Jadi, solusi untuk mengatasi hal tersebut dengan melengkapi fasilitas sarana dan prasana di kampus. Untuk menunjang minat belajar mahasiswa.

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